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        At HEI, we see a vibrant future for Hawaii — one that puts our state at the forefront of clean energy, creates a sustainable and growing local economy, and allows our families and communities to flourish. Our success is tied to thriving communities that respect the quality of life we hold dear. We strive to build a better tomorrow for our companies and for Hawaii.

        Hawaiian Electric

        For more than 125 years, Hawaiian Electric has provided the energy that has fueled our islands' growth and prosperity. Hawaiian Electric serves 95 percent of Hawaii, creating a strong partnership with our communities to achieve a 100 percent renewable energy future, the most ambitious clean energy goal in the nation.

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        American Savings Bank

        At American Savings Bank, we see ourselves as more than just bankers — we help make people's dreams possible. Since our humble beginnings in 1925 as a savings and loan institution in downtown Honolulu to becoming one of the state’s leading financial institutions, our business has always focused on serving and investing in Hawaii's families, businesses and communities.

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        Community Advancement

        Named one of the most charitable companies in the state, HEI Charitable Foundation is focused on community programs aimed at promoting environmental sustainability, educational excellence, economic growth, and community development. We take pride in serving and giving back to the community through volunteerism, grants, donations, scholarships, and our employee matching gift program.

        Since 2010, the HEI Charitable Foundation has contributed more than $10 million to local charities and other nonprofit organizations. Moreover, our employees have donated or fundraised over $4 million, and volunteered more than 80,000 hours.

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        we see responsibility

        Watch how the Hawaiian Electric Company is working with a local rancher to preserve his family lands by developing a wind farm compatible with their ranching activities.

        we see exploration

        This video features the spirit of Hokulea's worldwide voyage, and their association with American Savings Bank, as partners investing in the exploration, innovation and future thought leadership of Hawaii.

        Pacific Current, a newly established subsidiary, is part of HEI's strategy to develop and invest in opportunities that serve as catalysts for a better Hawai'i, including projects that help Hawaii transition to a sustainable and clean energy economy.

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